amelia pond, you'll be there until the end of me { even if only in my dreams }

elissa. infj. 20. canada. student. ravenclaw. madly in love with timelords, alchemists, olympians, titan killers & more. amy pond and the elric brothers are so /so/ important +

anime ruined my life.
amy/charming, amy/josh, amy/elissa, amy/tara/elissa, ginny/josh gO

amy/charming: ew, amy/josh: otp (if I’m josh), amy/elissa: OH EM GEE, amy/tara/elissa: OOOOOOOOH EMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEE, ginny/josh: I CRY

your blogew / nonono / cute /great/ flawless / OH EM GEE

  1. ttonks said: why does no one ship amy/charming i dont get it
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