amelia pond, you'll be there until the end of me { even if only in my dreams }

elissa. infj. 20. canada. student. ravenclaw. madly in love with timelords, alchemists, olympians, titan killers & more. amy pond and the elric brothers are so /so/ important +

anime ruined my life.

petition for someone on once to go crazy and hallucinate about graham so that he can come back

  1. pepprstark said: I vote its Emma
  2. alcemorgan said: i mean, if that’s what it takes
  3. chasseurseul said: yES PLS
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  5. alistairtheiriin said: (whispers) still waiting for closure…
  6. ramblingkitten said: You mean no one is already crazy? Are we sure this isn’t all inside Emma’s head? Like she has dreamed this whole world and whenever ABC decides we’ve seen enough the closing shot of the series finale is of emma in the hospital >.>
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