hey so I’m not so sure if neal would actually die but what if he dies saving henry and that is how henry is rumple’s undoing because I’m pretty sure bae dying would be enough to “undo” rumple???

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  2. previouslytheyellowbug said: thats better than my theory but still nopeee.
  3. jennifermorrison said: thats what i think and if belle stays lacey they could both be kinda ~baddish too
  4. storybrooketales said: nah i don’t see Neal dying at all. plus he specifically said final day of filming “season 2” so i dont’ it will be. Plus i think Rumple’s undoing will have to do with breaking his curse.
  5. lillysarchive said: Rumple would absolutely lose it … he was bad just when he lost Bae, if Bae died … let’s not even go there
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